“Matter, color and sound in motion are the phenomena whose simultaneous development makes up the new art”.


Heinrich Himmler

Cecil Madigan’s “ice mask” during the first Australian mission to Antarctica. 1911-1914.

Tony Smith — The Elevens Are Up,1963.

2^9 = 2 x 2 x 2 x 2 x 2 x 2 x 2 x 2 x 2 = 512 dots, arranged in cubes. 2x2 dots arranged in cubes, arranged in 2x2 meta-cubes, arranged in 2x2 meta-cubes.
With this, Geometry Daily goes on a hiatus. Yes, I will pause posting. Instead of doing even more graphics, I would like to go deeper. 512 graphics is a lot of material and some ideas demand more attention and want to go elsewhere, on paper, shirts and how-knows. The about page, the shops, my website, they are in dire need for some cleaning up. With the normal schedule, this will never happen.
So far, I will not make any commitment of when I will start posting again, but I’m pretty sure I will. The current idea is to produce more Geometry Dailies behind the scenes and then publish them again in a daily fashion in “seasons”, like in tv series. Let’s see what the future brings!
Any news related to Geometry Daily will of course be posted on this tumblr and the facebook page. For everything else please follow @Tilman on Twitter and have a look at my old creaky blog
I know for some this is a bit of a shock, sorry! Maybe get a silkscreen print, a digital print or a shirt to fill the void?
You are a great audience, thank you all very much for following.!
Love & Geometry! Tilman.

Omsk, Siberia by Alexey Golubev